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In home Newborn and Family Photo Session

There is just something so whimsical about little girls twirling. These little beauties started their brother’s newborn session off with some fun dancing in the living room while their mom finished getting ready. This is what I love about coming into people’s homes and doing lifestyle sessions. The kids are so relaxed because this is normal territory for them.

After some fun twirling photos and meeting their sweet baby brother, we headed back to the master bedroom to get some family photos on the bed. The bed is a great spot for in home family photos because it’s a soft place for kids to land. {Literally} If they are flopping around or if they “drop” baby, it doesn’t usually matter because that landing is soft. Also master bedrooms usually have great light! This room was no exception.

I was so honored to photograph Rachel from Rachel Kline Marketing and Creative , based here in Lancaster, Pa. She is a gem of a person. If you are looking for website updates and marketing help, she’s your girl! She does social media, blogging & copy write, web design, graphic design, & SEO. Click here to read more. Or if you are a mom and want something of interest to listen to while you work or play, she co-hosts a great podcast called The Thrive Podcast. Plus she’s a mom to three adorable kids, she understand “mom life”!


Kyle and Rachel were naturals. They reigned the girls in for photos and then when the girls had enough Kyle went out to the living room to chill with the girls while Rachel and I stayed put in the beautiful light to get the “mommy and me”, as well as the solo baby photos. This usually works well because it gives the ones who don’t enjoy getting photos a little “down time” before we pull them in again.


And no newborn session is complete without getting some one on one photos with dad! I love it when dads are involved and “show up” for their photo session with good and cheerful attitudes! It completely changes the vibes of the session. If dad is grouchy about photos it adds stress to the mom and the kids feel the tension. Thanks Kyle, you were a champ!


Photo sessions don’t have last for hours. And they don’t have to be painful! We find the light and then we gather the family together and go! We start with the snuggles and kisses and tickles. While the kids are distracted, that’s when I start snapping. Thank you Kyle & Rachel for inviting me into your home to capture these moments, you guys were so great!

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Lancaster Pa: Trey's newborn session

Welcome to the world, and your fun loving family, Trey! I had the privilege of meeting baby Trey right around six weeks of age. I drove to his home located in Lancaster, Pa, and had a blast snapping away as his family engaged one another and loved on Trey as well.

I love all the movement that these sweet girls brought into their baby brother's newborn session. Not only movement but so much silliness which produced lots of laugh. Their mom told me that their family is laid back and she was right. If she or her husband felt any stress over the girls antics, I didn't sense it. It is a gift to be able to laugh rather then get frustrated! I love how this session turned out, so beautiful and true to life. A life full of LIFE! ⠀⠀

In home sessions are so fun and personal. You get to choose if there is a favorite book, toy, pastime or even a pet that you want to include in the session. There is the phrase that says, “I feel at home”. What does that mean? Home is suppose to be a place of love and acceptance. A safe place that you can retreat to because the people there have your back, so to speak. I think one of the best parts of “in home” sessions is that your kids have an easier time relaxing because they not only “feel at home” , they ARE at home!

For in home sessions I advise a quick tidy before I come, especially if we do master bedroom photos with side tables. When I come I will find the best light and go from there. If needed, we will move things that are a distraction from the main purpose (the people) in the photos. Its all very chill and flexible. I come with a plan but we take our cues from the kids, because if they start crying or refuse to look at the camera, it’s not worth it to try and force a photo with them. We give them a break and then try again with them later. Since we are in their home, it’s easy for them to go grab a toy to play with or a security blanket, whatever it is that helps them calm, these things are easily accessible during an in home session.

Christi was amazing! She came to our house, was super accommodating to our personal requests and I love how relaxed and natural her photos are.
— Christine {mom}

As always, I am so honored to have families open their door to me and welcome me into their home for these photo sessions. To see more sweet baby photos, click here.

Lancaster Pa in home newborn lifestyle session

I feel so honored to be invited into peoples’ homes here in Lancaster and Hershey Pa, to capture these sweet moments. I’m also thankful for client who are so kind and understanding. I had to call and reschedule this session due to the funeral of a dear family friend. Pam was so gracious about the whole situation, and willing to bump her session to a different date. It was delightful to finally meet her sweet babe and the rest of the family as well their massive puppy, Zeus.

One thing worth mentioning is that I send all my clients a questionnaire. The purpose of this is to discuss expectations of my clients and it helps me get to know them a little bit before the session. On her questionnaire Pam said that she and her husband would like to incorporate their pup, Zeus if possible. He was a friendly giant, with a personality big enough to match his size.


At one point I was kneeling down, taking photos of the family and Zeus walked up and gave my camera a big sloppy kiss! I was stunned. But really it was so funny, such a puppy thing to do. Thankfully I always carry my lens cloth with me so it’s wasn’t a problem. At 10 months old he is huge, but still very much a sweet playful pup. I told Pam, she doesn’t have 2 kids, but three! She seems to be doing just fine, especially since her husband Dan is such a team player when it comes to the kids… all three of them.

Baby Ava was a doll, clearly adored by all, including her big brother.


I love to capture all the little in between moments. The swaddling, the feedings, the hugs and kisses that are meant to soothe the tears. These are beautiful normal everyday acts of love worth capturing.


In home sessions are so cozy and relaxed. I love the natural feel of normalcy and yet beauty, that an in-home session gives. Contact me here if you are interested in booking or click here to read my client guide with my full listing of prices.