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More then just photos.

Hiring a professional newborn or family photographer is expensive. There are multiple reasons why, but today I just want to touch on one aspect of what you are investing your money in. When you think about hiring Christi Stoner Photography, you are investing in more then just your photos, You are investing in an EXPERIENCE. Clients receive a beautiful client guide which walks you through the photo session from what to wear, what to expect, product prices, etc. Clients also are sent a questionnaire so that I can hear from YOU and that helps me to give you a session of your dreams. We also will do a pre-session phone call, it’s so good to connect this way so that I can answer any last minute questions. At the session, I come with a plan (when children are involved we play games and we move thru it fast) and I am experienced in working with people, this helps to make sessions fun and relaxed. Ultimately, you are investing in a memory! I am delighted to be the one to capture it for you.

I just updated my prices so check out my “investment” page here or sign up for client guide to get all the details.

I can't help myself, I do it for the moms!

2019 was going to be my big year of change! It is, just not in the ways I expected. I rebranded and decided to pursue senior photography as well as newborn. I thought reaching out into the world of seniors would really help boost my business and expand my niche.

And then I had a one on one coaching session with my business coach, Rhonda, from Inspire Business Community. One question she asked was, why do I love offering photography to people. Imagine my surprise when I found myself instantly coming to life as I explained to her how passionate I am about moms having photos where they are interacting and laughing with their babes. I love offering lifestyle photos of moms and their kids looking at each other and enjoying one another. Those are the photos that I love to have in my home. I told her too often at the end of the day we moms struggle with mom guilt, its a blessing to have photos of you laughing and loving on your kids in those moments. You remember that you DO have good times with your kids. (I do believe the guilt needs to be explored. Is there something that needs to change? Or is it the enemy trying to bring defeat. That’s a blog for a different day.)

I went on to tell her that I value the experience just at much as the photo quality. I want my moms to remember that it was fun and not stressful. I want to offer a type of photo session that leaves parents with good memories. When the toddler starts crying, we take a break. We move on to pictures that don’t involve the toddler. And then a little later we try again. We don’t force the experience, we flow with it.

When I stopped talking I suddenly realized that my passion behind my photography business is for the moms. I hadn’t realized it until that moment. It really surprised me. So I have been rolling this discovering around in my mind for the last 2 months. And I’ve decided that it’s got to be the moms that I do this for. That is my passion! I still will offer senior photography because really, I love any photography that involves people. But I’m also realizing that I am changing course, and that’s okay. I plan to move forward with this new found realization and focus on babies and family photography here in Lancaster and Hershey, Pa. So if you just had a baby or have a young family, I would love to meet you!


The Re-branding Revealed!

It’s here! The new name, new logo, new website, and new client guide… the rebranding is complete and I’m so excited about it.

So why a rebranding? My original name “Sparrow’s Flight Photography” has a lot of heart and meaning to it. But at the end of the day, it was confusing. When clients book with me, I become a real person to you. You know me by name and I learn to know you by name as well. It’s so much easier to remember the name of my business if it has my name in the title of it.

Also as a small business owner based here in Lancaster county, I know that you have lots and lots of options to do your portraits or family or baby sessions. So what makes me different then the rest? Well, the biggest thing is simply, ME. I am part of my brand and my personality (just like all the other photographers) is part of my brand. Each photographer has something different to offer because we, as people, are all unique in the way we process life and relate to others. That is another reason for the name change. Because when you book your session with Christi Stoner Photography, Christi Stoner is who shows up! I’m the one who has reviewed your questionnaire, I’m the one who writes the emails, I’m the one who talked to you on the phone, I’m the one who desires to deliver a session you love by making you and your babes feel comfortable. I hope you love meeting me because I sure do love meeting you!

So in honor of the rebranding, it calls for a celebration! the first 5 clients to contact me and book their 2019 session will get a waiver on the $125 creative fee! You can book for your senior session for this summer or your baby session next month, it’s up to you! Contact me with any questions.

To learn more about my cost and what to expect, sign up {below} for my newsletter and you will get instant access to the updated client guide digital magazine. {I’m sorry seniors I’m still working on getting the update senior guide completed, but it’s coming!!!} Also when you sign up for my mailing list, I won’t send junk mail. Basically I will email out anytime I’m doing mini sessions or running specials. People on the mailing list always get first dibs at mini sessions, etc.

2019 Has me excited to meet more new babies as well as expanding my senior portraits experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon!