Above you will see links to some edited images. As a photographer it is my job to go through the hundreds of photos I take at each session and pick out the best ones. This takes time and I put a lot of thought into which photos to keep and which to deliver. Some are easy to discard, such as eyes mid blink. But then there are others, often it’s something like three to five photos of the exact same pose. Then I critique each photo, asking myself questions in order to narrow it down before I spend time editing the photos. Which is best in focus? Which has the best smile or the most connection happening? Are there any other tiny details that are a distraction on one but not the other? After I narrow down the photos, I then spend time editing the photos. I lift shadows, add contrast, warm skin tones, etc. If there is a scratch or blemish that is not normally there, I will remove it, unless asked otherwise. Marks such as moles and freckles stay in place, again, unless I am specifically asked to remove them. All this takes time, but I love the editing process. Each change I make in of itself is small and subtle, but when you put them all together, it really gives your photos a beautiful pop!

Below is an Example of my editing style: The first photo, on the left, is straight out of camera. The photo on the right is the edit.